Westchase Little Free Library

This past summer, The MOMS Club of Westchase, donated a Little Free Library to the Westchase community! There are now over 40,000 Little Free Libraries in neighborhoods worldwide – a concept that began in 2009. This will be the first one in the Westchase area, and it is officially registered through LittleFreeLibrary.org. The goal of the Little Free Library is to promote literacy and a love of reading, and build a sense of community by creating free book exchanges.

The motto is “take a book, return a book.” Residents are encouraged to stop by and borrow a book or two, and bring one to share. You don’t need to return the exact book you borrow however, in order to keep the Library up and running, when you swing by the Library to borrow a book, feel free to bring one that others would enjoy too!

Donned in bright primary colors, the Library features the handprints of some of Westchase’s youngest book-loving residents, along with a beloved Dr. Seuss quote written on the back. It can be found in the center of West Park Village, just beside the bell tower. Feel free to come pay a visit, and happy reading!


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