What We Do

The MOMS Club is not just a place for the kids to get together and play. We offer lots of activities that involve the entire club, not just the moms and kids in your playgroup. Every month, we host at least two open plays, which could be anything from a visit to the children’s museum, to a special themed play date at a park. We’ve also been lucky enough to go on tours of kid-friendly places, such as our local fire station.

We also host a Lunch Bunch once a month, which allows us to experience a different cafe or restaurant in the area. Moms’ Night Out is widely popular, as it allows us moms to get together somewhere locally, and leave the kids and husbands at home for an evening (although every now and then, we’ll invite the dads out too!).

Charity is also a very important focus for us. We believe very strongly in helping those in need. Whether we are donating time, items, or money, every month we give to a different charity.